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This quizbank is LaTeX-based
In order to implement this upgrade, much of this effort is being moved to
The conversion to LaTeX should make this bank more compatible with VLEs
If you have Python and LaTex you can actually begin to use this system!
Students with minimal Python skills can now write numerical questions!
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All units strive for uniformity in format and offer classroom ready quizzes or exams ready to print in sufficiently large numbers that everything can be hidden in plane sight. In other words, the actual exams are publicly posted in sufficient quantity that no harm is done to the integrity of the test or quiz. Some of the units can be used with an overhead projector for very short "check quizzes" using strips of paper or clickers during a lecture (for more information see Quizbank/Instructions.)

Equations for Units 1 and 2: page.. pdf.. file

Electromagnetism for an introductory calculus based course (OpenStax)[edit]

Three closely related units are available:

  1. Quizbank/Electricity_and_Magnetism_(calculus_based) is a collection of 4 question quizzes that closely follow chapter examples in OpenStax University Physics Vol. 2 Unit 2. The quizzes can be either printed out, or displayed on an overhead projector.
  2. Quizbank/Electricity_and_Magnetism_(calculus)_Exams contains the same questions as above, except the questions have been grouped into two two cumulative tests of 10 questions each. Each test covers six chapters (5-10 and 11-16).
  3. Quizbank/University_Physics_Semester_2 takes this sequence one step further by including material not associated with OpenStax. This material includes geometrical optics, polarization, and extra questions on , and brings us one step closer to the goal of creating a complete set of assessments for the four volumes of OpenStax physics (3 volumes of University Physics and the 1-volume College Physics textbook). Baustelle.svg Equations for this unit are under construction.

Bell' theorem[edit]

Under construction icon-blue.svg Quizbank/Bell is still under construction. I used a small number of questions from this unit to supplement Quizbank/University_Physics_Semester_2 because Bell's theorem involves polarized photons. But the unit is intended for a first year conceptual physics course (without prerequisite mathematics.)

Test Course[edit]

Under construction icon-blue.svg ♦/TestCourse is used to develop the code that generates these units.