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These two tests closely follow examples in OpenStax University Physics Vol. 2 Unit 2.
Tests 1 and 2 contain 10 randomly selected questions from chapters (5-10) and (11-16), respectively.

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8 min video
slides only

I just made a video that is available in three places:
1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mwIkHshOIg
2-My facebook page
3-c:File:Open Quizbank Proposal First.webm
See also the pdf printout of the slides
Lake Campus Symposium: Creating a bank so students won't break the bank
The conversion to LaTeX should make this bank more compatible with VLEs
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Students with minimal Python skills can now write numerical questions

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Equation sheet for students to use while taking these quizzes. Available in three formats:
  1. Online page
  2. Online pdf
  3. Wikiversity file

This unit has 2 exams (tests) that can viewed by clicking the links (e.g., T1(5-10)). They are classroom-ready exams based on the collection of quizzes shown below each exam. The fraction indicates the ratio of the number of questions randomly selected to the number of questions on each quiz. Students can access these quizzes using either the (uneditable) permalink or directly via links to subpages of QB. Students and instructors can also view all the questions on this unit's /Questions list. Ideas for use by instructors can be found at Quizbank/Instructions.


2/6 from Special:Permalink/1894334 to QB/d_cp2.5
2/6 from Special:Permalink/1894335 to QB/d_cp2.6
2/11 from Special:Permalink/1893815 to QB/d_cp2.7
1/4 from Special:Permalink/1893633 to QB/d_cp2.8
1/10 from Special:Permalink/1893634 to QB/d_cp2.9
2/9 from Special:Permalink/1895273 to QB/d_cp2.10


1/9 from Special:Permalink/xxx to QB/d_cp2.11
2/11 from Special:Permalink/1892310 to QB/d_cp2.12
2/9 from Special:Permalink/1893631 to QB/d_cp2.13
2/6 from Special:Permalink/1892308 to QB/d_cp2.14
2/8 from Special:Permalink/1894891 to QB/d_cp2.15
1/6 from Special:Permalink/1895295 to QB/d_cp2.16

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