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Twitter is a popular microblogging service.

Wikiversity Users who Twitter[edit source]

Who else from around here is on Twitter? We could talk some more about possible uses of micro-blogging tools e.g., for learning projects, and as a communication channel.

User Date added Twitter
Countrymike 02009-02-1212 February 2009 @simp
Jtneill 02009-02-1212 February 2009 @jtneill
Unionhawk 02009-04-2121 April 2009 @unionhawk
Graeme E. Smith 02009-07-022 July 2009 @grysmith
Leigh Blackall 02009-07-022 July 2009 @leighblackall
JWSchmidt 02009-07-022 July 2009 @JWSchmidt
B9 hummingbird hovering 02009-07-099 July 2009 @B9Joker108
CQ 02009-08-3131 August 2009 @cquinton
Cormaggio 02009-11-1212 November 2009 @cormaggio
Trinity507 02009-11-2222 November 2009 @mdesmondobrien
Erkan Yilmaz 02010-03-2626 March 2010 @Erkan_Yilmaz
Geoff Plourde 02010-08-1010 August 2010 @geoffplourde
Jansegers 02013-02-2020 February 2013 @jansegers
Bea Edyson 02013-07-066 July 2013 @BeaEdyson
Sam Wilson 02014-11-077 November 2014 @samwilson
mikeu 02015-12-2525 December 2015 @W9GYR
Leonardo T. Cardillo 02020-01-1515 January 2020 @LeoTCardillo

Professorbrendan 02021-06-2525 June 2021 @professorbrenda
Greg at Higher Math Help 02021-06-2929 June 2021 @HigherMathNotes

Wikiversity Users on the Fediverse[edit source]

With Twitter under Elon Musk diverging from the spirit of the WMF UCOC rather badly, the w:Fediverse has become a more obvious communication protocol and community compatible with the Wikiversity goals of open education resources, and includes some of the WMF and non-WMF wiki community. Adding your Fediverse contact here might help coordination.

User Date added Fediverse
Boud 02023-03-055 March 2023 @boud

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