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Courage[edit | edit source]

Rosa Parks demonstrated her courage as she fought for racial equality in Montgomery Alabama.

Courageous people choose to place their well-chosen goals ahead of their fears, convenience, impulses, or other short-term comforts and enticements. Courage is the choice to act according to your values and pursue your goals rather than be distracted or seduced by temptations. Courageous people understand the dangers and feel the fear, and then find the strength, perseverance, and self-discipline to meet the challenge and do the right thing. Strength and wisdom combine as you ward off temptation, overcome obstacles, meet the challenge, and act according to your values. Commitment prevails over comfort.

Courageous people:

  • Have a strong commitment to achieving significant goals,
  • Take full responsibility for their actions and results,
  • Often have attained skills and abilities that prepare them to overcome challenges and reach those goals, and
  • Are familiar with fear and hardship are experienced in overcoming it.

Although we often think first of physical courage in the form of valor and bravery, courage is also manifest as endurance entailing perseverance, industry, and diligence and as moral courage requiring integrity, genuineness, and honesty.

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