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What are Wikiversity Reading Groups?[edit | edit source]

Wikiversity Reading Groups are learning projects oriented around generating discussion and notes around specific books, texts, videos, or entire oeuvres that users find of interest.

Starting a Reading Group[edit | edit source]

Please add [[Category:Reading groups]] to any newly created Reading Group. If the book or text has a page on Wikipedia please consider adding the Wikiversity Template to the appropriate Wikipedia page.

Weekly chat session[edit | edit source]

There is a weekly chat session in the weekend on Wikiversity:chat for social bonding and to discuss the future of the reading groups.

Organization Brainstorming IRC Session 30 Dec 2007 18:00 CET draft agenda

Reading groups[edit | edit source]

First reports in very disappointed in book and decided to cancel detailed reports and further reading. Others results are still welcome!

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