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Don't worry, it's just me
an 85-year old
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This is the first cycle of the reading group being organized
which will help participants to get familiar with (some) works (texts, audio, video, 2nd literature,...) of Noam Chomsky.

course plan[edit | edit source]

phase date action preparation outcome comment
1 21.1. - ?.1. - finalize this roadmap
- identify more questions (see below)
- invite people
announce at WV:
1. colloquiumcheckY Done
2. todo: editors of the Wikiversity resources (see below)
2 kick-off meeting - read wikipedia: Noam Chomsky
- perhaps: already find some works of Chomsky you like (from Noam Chomsky/works)
clarify goals, questions, expectations

participants[edit | edit source]

1. You can either register an account (or edit anonymously, but then your IP is visible :-():
2. Feel free to add your experience level with Chomsky works, topics
(level 1: beginner, level 3: expert)

  • Erkan Yilmaz
    • level 1: I have not read yet a complete text by Chomsky
    • via a friend I got to know some of his ideas and that's why I'm interested
  • Eihpossophie
    • Level 1: I have read bits & pieces by Chomsky
    • I'd be happy to participate for about a month and would be able to spend around 2 -3 hours a week.
  • hughm
    • Level 1: my knowledge is limited to the Wikipedia introduction on Chomsky
  • chomsky_bot, the "official" mascot (see also: here)
    • level 1
    • but I'm an expert in constructing grammatically correct sentences (although obviously semantically incoherent)
  • M. B., Jr.
    • level 1: Now reading Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (in slow motion)
    • stimulating a friend to get acquainted with Chomsky's ideas :-)
  • Roberto Alfonso Salamanca D Granda
    • Level 1: When I was in the University, I read about Chomsky papers in two classes, but Level 1 is good to start. I do not know what I have to do for get into this reading group and the dates and suggested readings.

todos for kickoff-meeting[edit | edit source]

  • verify requirements, e.g.:
    • if interest in videos: can everybody play the videos (on youtube, commons)?
      • if not: download + convert + give them links
  • chat protocols, outcomes (summaries, ...) can be made public? (for future learners)
    • chat protocol: if someone doesn't want this: user lines will be removed + summarized ?
  • todo: find more videos
    • (I'll try to find them, but if someone wants to help out: feel free! and thanks)
  • find out if someone has more experience with a specific Chomsky work (so we as group can benefit from this)
  • feedback to Wikiversity:Colloquium#Noam Chomsky reading group
  • see questions below
  • ...

which day would be ok for the kick-off meeting?[edit | edit source]

So we do not lose time, it'd be great if you can fill in here already on which day we can meet for the kick-off (and discuss questions, ideas, ...)

we'll add the specific date later (since this reading group was initiated on 21.1. I guess we can wait 1 week OR until we get 5 participants or so at least):
participant MO TUE WED THU FR SA SUN media comment
Erkan Yilmaz
irc, audio or video my timezone is: UTC+1
preferred time (for all days): 7 AM to midnight
(though I can also make other times work,
I think the kick-off meeting won't be taking more than 20 mins, if you add your/some questions beforehand here)
audio/video: if possible I don't want to use Skype, but other, opensource software instead (but depends on majority of course)
audio or video my timezone is UTC; preferred time early morning or late evening; happy to use Ekiga for example

identifying questions (about course, reading group, ...)[edit | edit source]

expectations by interested persons:

time related[edit | edit source]

  • when shall we start?
    • ...
  • length of this course?
    • 4 weeks
    • 8 weeks
    • ...
    • open end
  • effort to spend?
    • <2h per (week or every 2/3 weeks?)
    • 2-4h
    • ...
    • I'm a hardcore Chomsky fan ;-)
  • when shall we start? when we have X participants:
    • X >= 4
    • X >= 6
    • ...

preferred media[edit | edit source]

  • preferred communication media for meetings
    • irc
    • audio
    • video
    • ...
  • I selected this Wikiversity page as starting point since my wiki can NOT be edited by everybody
    • there can also be chosen another place, nothing is fix yet

topic[edit | edit source]

  • which texts?
    • ideally public ones
    • language?
    • make suggestions please
    • ...
  • .. or audio, videos?
    • ...
  • what do we want to achieve?
    • participate in general discussion
    • create summaries, reviews about Chomsky works, ideas
      • adding more info to existing
        • Wikiversity learning resources
        • add quotes to wikiquotes
        • transcribe some of the interviews (section audio)
          (of course needs first then: checking out copyright, permission)
        • create new WP articles
    • check if Chomsky theories still apply? new trends?
    • ...
    • meeting Noam face-2-face and I need to be prepared
    • I want to create a song, poem for Noam

study format[edit | edit source]

  • watch video (and read additional infos about it) + discuss together ?
    • see e.g. videos with/about Chomsky
    • who knows, we could also update the Wikipedia pages
  • no videos, just texts?
    • and then group-wide discussion
  • ...

other things[edit | edit source]

see Talk:Noam Chomsky/Reading group

(public) works[edit | edit source]

please see Noam Chomsky/works

see also[edit | edit source]