Web Science/Part2: Emerging Web Properties/How big is the World Wide Web/Problems with the question about the size of the Web

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Problems with the question about the size of the Web

Learning goals

  1. The question will remain unanswered during the lesson and the entire course.
  2. question of size is underspecified because a measure is needed.
  3. measure depends heavily on the choice of how we model the web.
  4. We have not yet defined what we mean when we say World Wide Web.



1 Which two reasons make it difficult to answer the question: "What is the size of the world wide web?"

It is not clear what size means.
It is underspecified what we understand as the world wide web
the dark web makes it hard to index all web pages
Once the size of something exceeds a peta byte it cannot be measured precisely

2 When Looking at this picture of the web. What modelling choices could have been made?

web pages are nodes of a graph and edges are links
domains are nodes of a graph and edges exists for every link between domains
all of the above
none of the above

3 Which of the following viewpoints are commonly used when modelling the world wide web

software system
a diagram
graph of connected web pages
a mathematical function
a spider web
collection of text documents

4 how could you measure the size of a distributed software system

count how many computers have the software installed
gather information about the computing time being used
you cannot do so
the linces of code of each installed software component is a good indicator