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this page is a public watchlist for the web science MOOC.

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general / intro[edit]


  1. Talk:Web_Science/Part1:_Foundations_of_the_web/Internet_Architecture/Ethernet
  2. Communication over a shared Medium
  3. Ethernet Header
  4. Minimum Package length vs Maximum cable length
  5. Collision Detection
  6. Summary, Further readings & Homework


  1. Talk:Web_Science/Part1:_Foundations_of_the_web/Internet_Architecture/Internet_Protocol
  2. Motivation for IP
  3. Classfull IPv4 networks
  4. IP forwarding algorithm
  5. IP header
  6. Summary, Further readings & Homework


  1. End to End Principle and Connection oriented Communication
  2. 3 way handshake
  3. Port Numbers
  4. Sliding Window and Flow Control
  5. Summary, Further readings, Homework


  1. Tree Structure
  2. Terminology
  3. Zones
  4. Review some facts about DNS
  5. Delegating DNS Queries
  6. DNS Address Resolution
  7. Summary, Further readings & Homework

internet vs www[edit]

  1. Summary of the Internet Architecture
  2. Motivation and Requirements for the World wide web
  3. Design Principles of the Web
  4. Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
  5. Summary, Further readings, Homework


  1. Making HTTP requests
  2. A Simple Web Client
  3. A Simple Web Server
  4. The HTTP Header
  5. Content negotiation
  6. Summary, Further readings, Homework

web content[edit]