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Information from the video[edit source]

DNS – terminology

Root – is the way we pronounce the very top of the DNS hierarchy. We spell it with the “dot(.)” but we pronounce it as “root”.
TLD – (top level domain) – they are in the level right below the root of the tree (.com, .edu, .uk and etc.)
FQDN – (fully qualified domain name) – we spell it out completely. So for aspmx in we have: and the last dot comes from the root of the DNS hierarchy. So we spell the entire domain name starting from the bottom and all way to top. When you brows in the web or send an e-mail you never put that dot – usually computer put this in there for you .
Host – ia a point in that DNS tree that refers to a specific computer. All names in the hierarchy are actually computers. For example: might be actual computer.
Subdomain - is a domain below some other domain. For example: “com”-> “google”-> “l”-> “aspmx”- “l” is subdomain of the
--Jane Kruch (discusscontribs) 22:27, 3 November 2013 (UTC)