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Article information

Author: Mikael Häggström ORCID iD.svg 

Häggström, M. 



Peer review statement for differential diagnosis article 2014.pdf


Reviewer-annotated pdf file.

Review by anonymous peer reviewer ,
This review refers to this previous version of the article

Peer review submitted as PDF


These are my comments from the peer review statement at File:Peer review statement for differential diagnosis article 2014.pdf:

  • Regarding introduction, the article is indeed meant to add content to the Wikipedia article Wikipedia:Differential diagnosis, and as such, should be understood in the context of that article. I welcome anyone to add additional methods. "Switchingly" is now replaced with "alternately". I also think having "ABC protocol" as a link to the corresponding Wikipedia article suffices for those who want more information on that topic.*
  • Regarding "By epidemiology", the heading is now changed to "An epidemiology-based method". The difficulty to understand the method in the theory section should be compensated for by the example that follows.
  • "Further work-up by likelihood ratios" is now changed to "A likelihood ratio-based method", to be consistent with the previous header.
  • In "finding candidate conditions", it is now particularly noted that "If an important candidate condition is missed, no method of differential diagnosis will supply the correct conclusion". The header "Finding candidate conditions" is now changed to "Coverage of candidate conditions" to reflect the content.
  • The suggestions in "Overall text" are interesting tasks for future projects.
  • Regarding "Contribution to the field", I too think that not much is readily available out there. The linked Merck Manuals description of clinical decision-making strategies is interesting, but doesn't provide as much detail about differential diagnosis methods.

Mikael Häggström (discusscontribs) 19:14, 7 February 2014 (UTC)

Temporary error

Some formulas currently give the error message "Failed to parse(unknown function '\begin')". This is a temporary error (discussed here), and should hopefully be fixed soon. The formulas should be readable when creating a pdf file of the document as a pdf file - [link to pdf]. Mikael Häggström (discusscontribs) 06:39, 12 February 2014 (UTC)