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Wikiversity School of Political Science
The Faculty of Social Sciences

"Man is by nature a political animal."
Aristotle, Politics

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Greetings and welcome to the School of Political Science a part of the Social Sciences Portal. You may notice that our page may look a little rough around the edges but be assured that it is being developed in a timely and well thought out manner. If you would like to help out with the new Political Science Division main page, then please contact JaylanHaley.

Wikiversity is a unique platform that allows learners and scholars of all interests to connect on a simplistic yet powerful platform. The Political Science Division is chartered to provide unparalleled educational insight into the litany of political issues that face our world. Whether your interests are in theory, philosophy, applied political science or an admixture, the Political Science Division will help you achieve the level of intellectual stimulation that you can receive at any brick-and-mortar institution without leaving your comfort zone. Imagine, you can be sitting at a café in Paris, a bookstore in Hong Kong, or a dorm room in New York and learn about any subject you ever thought possible on your time and in your learning style.

Below is a list of Departments within the Political Science Division. Each Department is chartered to contribute to the laundry list of courses offered by the Political Science Division. Some courses may be offered across Departments and even across Divisions but you, as a student, get to choose the course you want to take and the instructor that suits you best. Rest assured that there are instructors waiting to provide you with quality material that will stimulate your intellect and prepare you for a variety of situations you may face in the academic community as well as in the applied environment. Instructors are encouraged to abide by Wikiversity's principle of Scholarly Ethics as we engage in the study of politics. For those instructors and students that wish to take their learning and contributions to the global community to the next level, we encourage you to get involved in one of our Research Centers or Programs. Bottom-line is that you should have all the resources that this world has to offer at your fingertips and you should have fun learning, the Political Science Division aims to help you achieve those goals.

Divisions and Departments[edit]

Divisions and departments make up the third and fourth tiers, respectively, of organization for the Social Sciences Portal. The first tier would be the individual schools, in this case, the School of Political Science. As the second tier, Divisions represent the four major schools of Political Science; the Divisions represent the core of the discipline which are theory (Political Theory) and application (Comparative Politics, Government & Politics and International Relations). The Divisions are organizational facets of the discipline which aid in disseminating things like course and research material; they are also responsible for ensuring that the courses sponsored by subordinate Departments are adequately covered.
Departments are where the rubber meets the road. The individual Departments sponsor particular courses or as a collaborative project with departments from other Divisions or even other schools. For instance courses in International Political Economy can be sponsored by both the School of Political Science and the School of Economics. Usually courses are not sponsored by different Portals such as Political Science and Mathematics although there are always exceptions. Within the Departments you will find specialized course and research material in addition to area specific learning resources that will aid your educational experience.
For those Wikipedian Scholars excited about adding new Departments or courses, please ensure that you look at the Naming Conventions module so that you place your work in the correct area. Additionally, be sure to verify that there is not a Department or course already created to which you can add some great material.



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As you can see, the list of course offerings by the School of Political Science is quite extensive. Please refer to the undergraduate curriculum guide for assistance in choosing the classes that best fit your academic needs.


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  • The School of Political Science was founded on August 6, 2004.


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