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Communism and Communist States[edit]

What is Communism?

Communism is a socioeconomic system the promotes equality and the elimination of the class system. Communism states that this can be achieved by forming a society in which the ownership of private enterprises are forbidden and the means of production should be under the control of the workers. In the final stage of Communism, it is intended that there be no states or countries. Communism was derived from Marxism and Socialism, even though there are many differences between Communism and Socialism. There are many different approaches to communism:

Many define the USSR, China, Vietnam and such as "Communist Countries"; this is not the case in the original idea of Marx. He envisioned a world where everyone is equal, much unlike that of the Soviet Union. Likewise when the USSR was founded, Lenin did not say it was Communist, but rather that was a future to which they were striving

Discussion questions[edit]

What happens when communism and capitalism blend? as there are many different forms of communism with different structures its difficult to answer as is the lack of easily accsesable information in different communist styled economy not everything is the same, also dont get sucked in by those small minded James Bond movies.

Is it possible to have a country that advocates there should be no countries?