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Our Government[edit | edit source]

Hello everyone! Today we are going to see an interesting topic i.e, 'Our Government '. Ours, being India we have to know how Indian Government works and what are the types and levels of government. To know all these things first we have to know what is government?

A Government is nothing but a group of people who has control over the nation and state affairs and give importance to welfare of the people and also maintain good relationships with other countries . Now read this following statements .

Government sought to protect the rights of minorities
Government says : onion rates are going to decrease in market
Government decided to ban crackers in Delhi.
Supremecourt says transgenders also should be given equal rights in the country .

What are all these statements talk about ? Yes. It talks about the works done by government . How can a single government can manage all these wide activities . In order to manage all these things in efficient way our government is divided into 3 levels. They are:

National level
State level
Local level

National level government : National level means for entire country . National level government solves the disputes which arises between one nation to other nation in order to maintain peaceful relations.

State level government : It solves the disputes that occur in state and it deals with all state affairs
Local level government : It deals with the issues that occur in particular area or region .

In this way our government is divided into 3 levels to carry out the works in a easy way. Now let us know the most important types of government.

  1. Monarchy system of government
  2. Democratic system of government

Monarchy system :In this type of government people do not have freedom to choose their representatives. Kings and Queens use to rule the country. People does not have the freedom to act in the society . Whatever the king says it should be followed by everyone . This type of government was existed in our ancient or past days.

Democratic form of government : Here , people have freedom to choose their representatives . They have freedom to question the government and act according to their wish by following the rules made by our constitution.This is the difference between monarchy and democratic form of government.