Study group on Conceptualizations of Negotiation

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Suggested readings:

Representations of the Social: Bridging Theoretical Traditionsm, Kay Deaux (Editor), Gina Philogène (Editor), ISBN 978-0-631-21533-2

Power as a Structural Phenomenon, Jennifer Watling Neal, Zachary P. Neal, Am J Community Psychol (2011) 48:157–167 DOI 10.1007/s10464-010-9356-3

Algorithmic Game Theory, (ISBN 9780521872829)

Basis of this learning project This project was started due observation how Brexit was discussed about as a poker game in public. Since poker is zero sum game it does give very different understanding of being part of the EU than when thought of as cooperative game. One of the original participants lives in Britain and brought up the starting observation. Other participant lives in Finland created reading list for the project. Intention is to try to have better idea how negotiations are talked about in different cultures and how much there is variation within cultures and between cultures.