Professional Development for Teachers of Health Professionals/Write a subject outline

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It is likely the case that, despite the value of learning informally through connection to a social network, that your own teaching work will remain focused on the development and delivery of a formal course. Here you will investigate the requirements of a formal education regulator and design and develop a formal course to the standards of that regulator.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

You will develop a basic draft subject outline that describes the subject concisely, lists learning objectives, and describes assessments of learning outcomes.

  1. Study the Australian Qualifications Framework, or other equivalent qualifications-standardising body. Health professions often have over arching accrediting bodies as well, get to know their expectations of a qualified practitioner relevant to what you're teaching.
  2. Use the subject outline template on Wikiversity to guide your drafting of a subject outline.
  3. When finished, provide a link to your subject on the Participant examples page.

Many people continue on from this first draft to develop a comprehensive study guide, but remember, your goal is to develop a basic first draft subject outline.

Assessment and recognition[edit | edit source]

By listing a suitably completed project from the Creating Accessible Courses below in the Participant examples section, you will receive a digital badge to recognise your effort and progress in the Teachers of Health Professionals program.

Other modules in this program[edit | edit source]

  1. Connect and communicate
  2. Write a subject outline
  3. Produce educational content
  4. Activities, assignments and assessment
  5. Evaluate teaching practice