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It is often said that the majority of learning happens informally, especially professional learning. To support this, we have established Teachers of Health Professionals, an online community of practitioners. You can use this community to network and socialise generally, or find peer support for your efforts in this program.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. Create an account with Google (you might want to click the link saying "..keep my current email address")
  2. Setup your Google+ profile
  3. Join the Teachers of Health Professionals community, and consider turning notifications on - so announcements there will forward to your email address.
  4. When you have joined the community, please consider introducing yourself by giving a brief intro in the "Share what's new" box on the community page.
  5. Do the same for sharing links, asking questions or simply sharing an account of your work

Assessment and recognition[edit | edit source]

If you can demonstrate proficient use of Google+ and the Teachers of Health Professionals Google+ Community, you are eligible to receive the digital badge Online community of practice. This badge is a visual signal that you are a skilled and valued member of the Teachers of Health Professionals community. It may be used for recognition purposes such as teaching awards, performance review or assessment of prior learning for other courses.

Other modules in this program[edit | edit source]

  1. Connect and communicate
  2. Write a subject outline
  3. Produce educational content
  4. Activities, assignments and assessment
  5. Evaluate teaching practice