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The design of efficient and effective learning activities, assignments and assessment methods is probably where the art in teaching is. We are continually collecting up and documenting interesting examples of these, and will list them in the Activity, assignments and assessment. If you have an interesting example or method, please feel free to add it to that page.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Your goal is to devise an appropriate range of activities, assignments and assessments that effectively teach your subject's learning objectives and assesses a student's learning outcomes. Describe your plans and methods on your subject outline.

  1. Review your subject's learning objectives and devise activities that teach and ultimately assess a student's learning outcomes. Consider how formative assessment can be used to teach, and how 3 different types of assessment activities can triangulate assessment.
  2. Review the recorded examples on the Activity, assignments and assessment page, note any that strike you as interesting and possibly useful. Consider adding your own.
  3. Account for the workload of your subject and adjust accordingly

Assessment and recognition[edit | edit source]

Outline your attempt at the above assignment in the discussion page of this Wikiversity module. Upon successful evaluation of your efforts you will be awarded the ... badge (TBA)

Other modules in this program[edit | edit source]

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  2. Write a subject outline
  3. Produce educational content
  4. Activities, assignments and assessment
  5. Evaluate teaching practice