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Teaching often requires the sourcing and possibly the production of content. From instructional videos through to deliberative forums, the scope and range of options here are enormous. In this part of the Professional Development for Teachers of Health Professionals program, we will look at some contemporary methods for sourcing and reusing content, and some simple techniques for producing content.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Your goal is to develop a range of links and resources on your subject's Wikiversity page (or equivalent accessible webpage), and an introductory video to your subject. You should spend between 10-20 hours on this task.

  1. Read through the guideline on Sourcing and producing educational content.
  2. Update your subject outline with links to external resources and embedded media. Produce a video that introduces your subject and explains how it can be studied. Remember to ask the Teachers of Health Professionals online community if you have a question or need some assistance.
  3. When your subject outline is complete with educational content and a range of activities, assignments and assessments, copy it into an accessible website for your subject. You can use Wikiversity, Google Sites, your organisation's website or learning management system

Assessment and Recognition[edit | edit source]

Include content and/or links to content in your Wikiversity subject or course page, as evidence that you can legitimately source and create content. Once your efforts can be reviewed on your subject page you will be awarded the Educational content production and management badge.

Other modules in this program[edit | edit source]

  1. Connect and communicate
  2. Write a subject outline
  3. Produce educational content
  4. Activities, assignments and assessment
  5. Evaluate teaching practice