Low-Cost Precision Farming

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Low-Cost Precision Farming applies the concept of Low-Cost Technology to farming and agriculture.

Components of Low-Cost Precision Agriculture[edit]

False-color images demonstrate remote sensing applications in precision farming. Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory[1]
Sensor mounted on a tractor - a system that records light reflection of crops, calculates fertilisation recommendations and then varies the amount of fertilizer spread
Precision Agriculture NDVI 4 cm / pixel GSD (DroneMapper)
  • Understand the general principles of the application of Low-Cost technology and Low-Cost approaches in general
  • connect the Low-Cost principles to the impact side of the Risk definition. Low-Cost, more people can used, higher impact on risk mitigation. Compare that benefit with the downside of the approach, that the low-cost approach might not have such a high impact on risk mitigation.
  • explore the optical options of input for creating the mapsof low cost precision farming!
  • explore the methods of processing the images to create a Spatial Decision Support Layer from the image. Start with the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI with NDVI-Tutorial.

Learning Steps[edit]

  • Learn about Precision Agriculture in general with high technical equiment
  • Learn how to adapt to low-cost technology (Mobile Devives and Open Source) and manual labor with the main purpose to reduce the exposure of farm workers and environment to agrochemical risks. Compare economic benefits and health risks and define a strategy that combines ecotoxicological and public health risk reduction with economic benefits and keeping the same harvest yield.
  • (Low-Cost Technology) Explore the Solar water desinfection approach and identify the general principles of Low-Cost technology to transfer that concept to Precision Farming. Assume a group a farmers share one mobile device and internet connectivity can be assured in some very few places and if and only if the travel 3h. Furthermore assume there is a data exchange in place between groups of farmers that share capacity building resources and open data via Bluetooth. Learn about general principles of Precision Agriculture and transfer that

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