Open Community Approach

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Open Community Approach


Open Community is a generalization of the concept of OpenSource and OpenContent to other collaborative effort. The term “open” for an open community refers to the opportunity for anyone to join and contribute to the collaborative effort. The direction and goals are determined collaboratively by all members of the community. The resulting work (“product”) is made available under a free license, so that other communities can adapt and build on them.

An OpenCommunity prefers to use open scientific, educational and technological resources to accomplish risk mitigation:

  • OpenSource-Software (see List of OpenSource Software)
  • OpenContent (e.g. Creative Commons License and Open Educational Resources OER )
  • Open Proposal Management
  • Open Projects, e.g. Reference to helpful existing Projects
  • Green Open Access Concept (publishing concept without charging authors and readers)
  • Open Certification Management (e.g. Mozialla Open Badges & Badge Alliance)


In this context of Public Health and Space Technology the Expert Focus Group for Space and Global Health (EFG-SGH - formerly AT6FUI[1]) the “product” of the open community is an “improved public health by application of space technologies”. The definition of the term "Open Community Approach" is derived from the OpenSource definition[2].


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