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What are your favorite types of tests?--Wait, you don't like testing? Well, you can't leave out testing because a lesson should assess if the students learned the lesson's main objectives. Hey, a test does not have to be you filling in bubbles with a pencil!
Assessment can take many forms, but some can make digital lesson more dynamic like these ideas:

  • Administer a multiple choice quiz online
  • Students could write answers on a blog or wiki.
  • Students can create a product (digital presentation?).
  • Students can post answers or projects online for teacher or peer review.

Since the internet is 24/7, does the teacher, have to be available 24/7? No way! Why?
Self-assessment allows students to control their own learning, analyze their own strengths and weaknesses and edit lessons as they see fit. Responsibility is taken from YOU and placed on the STUDENT!

A CHECKLISTis a form of self-assessment where the student reads criteria for the assignment and determines independently if he has met those goals. This lesson will give you several examples of checklist self-assessments. It's time to see how checklists can help you out!

CHECK IT OUT!Click the "Discuss" tab at the top of this page to view links to assessment examples. If you know of any other examples, you are welcome to add more self-assessment examples to the Discuss tab.

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