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Digital Lessons

This (Press Ctrl on your keyboard and then click the link) digital lesson was created using Windows Movie Maker and

published using, or you can read it in plain text below.

You can present digital lessons in many ways. A movie or podcast could be good options! The lesson phase should contain the instruction parts of the lesson.

You could use direct instruction that contains a lecture, which can be presented in several different ways. The lesson phase could also contain a combination of explanations, examples, and non-examples.

You not want to skip the lesson phase and go directly to the assessment phase. The lesson is what the students will be tested

over later.

Check it out!

Here are some ways you may choose to teach your students the lesson:

  • Type out lesson for student to read
  • Record lesson as a podcast for student to hear
  • Create a slide show presentation
  • Create a video with still pictures and text to view and/or hear
  • Film yourself teaching the lesson
  • Film various scenarios, actors/actresses, and student while having a voice narrator
  • Use a video animation website to create a lesson
  • Use a presentation website to create a lesson
  • Use a combination of the above methods!

More, more, more! Please click "Discuss" tab at the top of this page to view examples of the previous methods. Please reflect on your own methods and research on the internet, and add two examples of your own. Explore the other posted examples. Who knows what other awesome sites might be available! If you need to start a new method category, go for it!

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