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Dynamic Lessons

Welcome to the lesson about Dynamic Lessons!To begin learning all about dynamic lessons, watch the following video clip from the Hollywood film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off: (No, it's not a clip of Ferris trying to reverse the mileage on the red car,but that is a good scene too!) (Press Ctrl on your keyboard then select the link to open it in a new window).Anyone? Anyone? (http://

Without an interesting start to a lesson, learners are never interested in the lesson and left daydreaming and zoning into outer space--similar to the students in the video. Lessons need a "hook" to grab a learner's attention for the rest of the lesson. This "hook" is called an attention-getter. The attention-getter to this current lesson was the Ferris Bueller video because it is a example of how you do not want your students viewing your instruction. This video and videos for other lessons can be located at Let's look at the lesson's' details and then view some other places where you can go to locate other attention-getters.Let's Keep Going!

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Creating Dynamic Lessons