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"But Mom, do I really have to practice??"
After students have learned a lesson, they need to practice what was taught in the lesson. Practicing the lesson allows the student to eventually perform the task effortlessly and excel and pass the assessment. Digital lessons offer several ways for students to practice a lesson.


You have just finished teaching your students some new vocabulary words. You had the students read the words and listen online to how they are pronounced. The students also read the definitions and the words used in a sentence. Now, it is time to have the students practicewith spelling the words and learn the definitions.

You should explore these websites that allow students to practice with vocabulary.

Here is a website that allows students to practice vocabulary digitally.

Crossword puzzle maker:

Create Flashcards:

Play Hangman:

After your students practice vocabulary with these sites, they are ready to assess what they have learned. Keep journeying on to learn about assessment. You are doing great!

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