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First, a designer could create a simple checklist by creating a table in a text editing program. Your checklist could include as many questions as you see appropriate. The questions should address the main goals of the lesson. Here is an example:
Directions:Check the box that contains the answer to your question.

Question Yes No
1. Did you include an attention-getter in your lesson?
2. Did you include several lessons in the instruction?
3. Did you include an assessment to check your students' learning?

If you selected No for any of the previous questions, go back and review the lesson until you are able to answer Yes to all of the questions.


The following example checklist offers a method for scoring so that a student can determine if they receive a passing grade. A designer may use this checklist if not all sections of the lesson have to be mastered. The student may only need to repeat the lesson if a certain, predetermined score is not reached. For example, the instruction could state, "If a student scores lower than 20 points, the student should repeat the lesson. If the student scores 20 points or more, the student has demonstrated mastery, and the lesson is complete."

Press Ctrl on your keyboard and select the link to open it in a new window: Checklist Sample with Points Scoring System