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Equirectangular Image from Wikiversity used for Aframe 360 Degree Image (see Hugin)

Learning Resource[edit | edit source]

  • download the basic 360 degree VR tour (developed by Viktor Aigenseer on GitHub 2018)
  • Learn Hugin to create 360 degree images like Aldara Park image from Wikimedia Commons in Aframe
  • Use a spherical image in WikiCommons to create 360-degree panorama with WikiCommons4AFrame

See also[edit | edit source]

  1. Crecropia (2016) The Hall - Virtual Museum - Demo: https://niebert.github.io/Virtual-Reality-Museum/ GitHub-repository: https://github.com/Cecropia/thehallaframe - Source Repo lost interactive features in browser - Fork: https://github.com/niebert/Virtual-Reality-Museum (accessed 2023/02/01)