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Hugin Software for 360 Degree Image in Aframe
Hugin Result in Aframe - Link to interactive Aframe Website

Create an spherical image for 360o-Panorama Image. The underlying image must represent a special geometry of a spherical 360o-Panorama. The software Hugin will help you in creating such a panorama.

Market Place called Saumarkt in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Germany

Basic Workflow[edit]

Basic workflow with the wizzard.

  • Set the export format to JPEG to Hugin/Settings/Stitching/Output Format (default is TIFF with compression LZA - good quality but very large files)
  • Load Images in Hugin with Assistant/Wizzard.
  • Selected Object Type: equirectangular (spherical)
  • Save Project
  • Align Images (press "Align"-Button in Assistant)
  • Create Panorama (press "Create Panorama"-Button in Assistant)
  • Panorama JPG is created in Image Folder - explore JSON3D4Aframe to use the spherical image in AFrame (see "AFrame Settings").
  • Optional: Upload your 360-Degree panorama to WikiMedia Commons

Learning Tasks[edit]

Final Result[edit]

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