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Wikimedia strategic planning page - Process

From Strategy:Process:

Strategic planning essentially answers the questions, "Where are we now?", "Where should we go?", and "How do we get there?" In order for the resulting answers to be actionable and meaningful, all of the different stakeholders must be aligned around these answers.

There are well-known best practices for doing strategic planning for organizations. We are facing a bigger, more exciting challenge: How do we do strategic planning for a movement?

This page will look at Wikiversity's processes for building a learning community - past, current and future.

Ideas for Wikiversity processes

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From Strategy:Process:

We have an opportunity to do something that's never been done before, because we understand how to collaborate at scale.


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CQ (Talk) – Blocks • Deletes • Imports • Moves • Protects • Contribs has initiated an example wikiversity:process for Wikiversity:Maintenance that involves Wikiversity:Templates and Wikiversity:Categories.

Wikiversity:Support staff will have two divisions:

  1. Wikiversity:Custodian
  2. Wikiversity:Catalyst

These are inter-operative functionaries who work together to:

  1. Build Wikiversity:Templates
  2. Organize Wikiversity:Categories

User:Trinity507 and User:Lysander89 are the first two candidates to be nominated to be placed in the Wikiversity:Catalyst role.

A quorum of wikiversity:custodians have noticed the initiatives planned first in their user spaces and then acted upon soon thereafter. Both of these participants have approached the current staff with what we feel like are exemplary behaviors, attitudes and purposes and we intend to support them fully.


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Consensus ...

...See How to be a Wikimedia sysop...