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The vast majority of Wikiversity policies were either approved after discussions in the summer of 2006 or with little or no discussion shortly afterward, and certainly before there had been much time to see what sort of content was going to be developed on the project. As part of the growth and development of Wikiversity, these policies should be re-examined to see if they fit into what Wikiversity has evolved into over the past 2 years.

Reviewing policies[edit]

See talk page.

Talk pages active[edit]

(Below is a dynamic page list: please make sure {{policy discussion}} is added to any active policy talk pages to allow categories and tracking. Purge this page if the list appears not to be up to date.)

  1. Wikiversity talk:What Wikiversity is not
  2. Wikiversity talk:Respect pseudonyms

Current status of policies[edit]

Original policies approved in August, 2006[edit]

Policies made official since 2006[edit]

Rejected policies[edit]

Proposed policies[edit]

From 2006, but didn't pass the original quorums[edit]

From 2008[edit]

Other proposals[edit]

(see Category:Proposed policies)

Policies at the root of recent disputes[edit]

  • Naming policies: both WV:NC and WV:MOS have been enforced by some users, but have never been approved.
  • Deletion policies: deletion has become a topic of entrenched debate since at least August, 2008
  • Civility policy: civility and related issues have been a major issue over the past few months
  • Rollback policy: several users have been accused of violating this policy, though there was never any discussion about making it official