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You can help develop this proposal, share your thoughts, or discuss its adoption as a Wikiversity policy, guideline, or process. References or links should describe this page as a "proposal".

Wikiversity hosts a number of of independent projects on a number of topics, and each of these are contributed to by an independent segment of the larger community. These various communities should be "self-organizing and self-governing" to the extent that they are responsible for setting goals, methods, and acceptable practices within individual projects. The main discussion fora of Wikiversity should not be used as subpages of a particular project.

  1. In most cases, the talk page of the top project page will be the best place to discuss issues pertinent to a particular project.
  2. If discussing a topic that should be considered by several projects within a particular topic, a Topic: talk page should be used.
  3. The general fora (discussion pages within the Wikiversity namespace, including the Colloquium) should only be used for introducing a new project, asking advice on how to start a new project, or calling for intervention from the larger community in cases where communication in the local community breaks down.
  4. If the use of custodian tools is needed to handle a topic, use WV:RFC
  5. If review is needed on the behavior of another user, use WV:CR