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Stubs is a term used for pages with very little content, but not as small as a "test page". Most Wikiversity resources begin as stubs, and later develop into stronger resources as more content is added. However, the majority of stubs do not develop if the original contributor does not make an effort to expand them or attract more contributors.

Finding stubs[edit source]

Newly created stubs will appear in Special:Newpages. Older stubs can be found by looking through Special:UncategorizedPages and/or Special:ShortPages.

When you find a stub[edit source]

  • Add the {{welcome and expand}} template, and make sure to {{welcome}} the author on his or her talk page as well.
  • Check the author's contributions to see if the stub is part of a set of interlinking or related stubs which might need to be re-named as subpages
  • Check "what links here" to see if the page was created to fill a redlink from an already existing project, and re-name if appropriate. Be sure to fix the link on the existing project to aim directly at the sub-page.

Sorting stubs[edit source]

Stubs can be sorted by adding categories and related templates to help direct contributors to the overall structures where material fits into Wikiversity.

Cleanup of stubs[edit source]

If no new content (aside from templates, categorization, etc.) is added to a stub after one month, it should be merged into the "stub cabinet" by a custodian. If in doubt whether the resource is a stub or has the potential for development, use the {{delete}} template and open a discussion on WV:RFD to determine whether or not it should go in the basket. Please also add the {{cabineted}} template to the original creator's talk page.

Maintenance of the stub cabinet[edit source]

Stubs are added to the cabinet by deleting the cabinet's current content as part of the page move. After merging the new stub in, the basket should be undeleted and the {{stub cabinet}} used to mark the current revision. The cabinet should be protected to prevent vandalism edits (stub content can be re-created in the main namespace). Archive the stub cabinet at the end of each month (or after 500 revisions) to avoid server problems when deleting or undeleting.