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Wikiversity allows creation of subpages for articles in the main namespace. Subpages are given names such as "Page/Subpage". Subpages are used to help organise individual projects such as courses, seminars, and research projects.

Example of a main namespace page with a subpage.

Courses[edit source]

Courses are learning projects that can be joined at any time. Courses can have subpages like:

  • Source materials (texts and articles)
  • Lists
  • Subtopics
  • Seminars (see #Seminars)
  • Help desk (for list of "tutors")
  • Participants (students or "scholars")
  • Quizzing and testing materials
  • Papers, etc.
    • Papers by students
    • Essays by students or experts (including a course instructor) that include opinion, that need not be neutral, or that include original research or personal experience.

Classes[edit source]

Classes are guided by instructors. These take place over a certain time frame. (Maybe not needed)

Classes on Wikiversity could use subpages for some or all of the following:

  • Source materials
  • Instructors
  • Rosters
  • Syllabi
  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Study guides
  • Papers
  • Papers by students
  • Reflections by students
  • Assignments by students
  • Whatever else you might find useful. Please be creative and innovative. Wikiversity is somewhat of an experiment!

For example you could use a page like Introduction to Engineering/Student848/Reflection 1, Introduction to Engineering/Roster, Introduction to Engineering/Quiz 1, Introduction to Engineering/Exam 1 study guide/Answers, etc. Please use subpages so long as they are useful!

Seminars[edit source]

Seminars are egalitarian. If part of a course, student-led, though experts may participate. These may be split into projects, which may or may not have time limits.

  • Instructors
  • Projects
    • Source materials
    • Other materials (for art projects, etc.)
    • Submission and critique
    • Discussion

Research[edit source]

  • Brainstorming
  • Different sections of research (results, methods, introductions, etc.)
  • Publishing papers
  • Allowing for peer review
  • Start a peer reviewed journal at Wikiversity

Userpages[edit source]

  • Archives
  • Sandboxes (testpages)
  • Workspaces
  • Educational related blogs

(learning) Projects[edit source]

  • Organization, organization, organization

Please note that Lunar Boom Town and CisLunarFreighter makes copious use of subpages.

Once you have an account here at Wikiversity for a few days or so, the move function can be a useful tool! It is usually better to move a page than to copy the page content under a new page name. This keeps the history intact.

(Page moves can sometimes be difficult to undo. A page move ordinarily leaves a redirect in place, and "double redirects," where a redirect links to a redirect, don't work, so some cleanup may be required. If the redirect has been edited, the move cannot be simply undone, a custodian is required. So be careful when moving pages.)

Subpage(s) to this project page[edit source]

What could be more appropriate for a page on subpages than an illustration of the topic with a subpage of its own?

Forking and organizing (permalink) is an essay as written by one author (as you will see at the top of the page). The permalink is a "permanent version." That version cannot be changed, though it can be hidden by a custodian. The current version is shown by /Forking and organizing. As the essay is not attributed (except in page history), any user may edit it.

See w:Help:Permanent link for information about how to find and use permanent links.

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