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Green check.png The page documents an official English Wikiversity policy with wide acceptance by participants as a standard you should follow. Please propose and discuss changes to ensure your revisions reflects consensus.

This policy addresses privacy concerns specific to Wikiversity. As a Wikimedia Foundation project, everything in Wikimedia:Privacy policy also applies to Wikiversity.

Your privacy[edit]

Wikiversity encourages all participants to share general information about their learning goals, experiences, education and interests on their userpage. If you think it might help your learning to tell others a bit about yourself, then please feel free to put this information on your userpage. When sharing additional personal information about yourself (real name, date of birth, contact information, etc.), please make sure it relates to Wikiversity's mission in some reasonable way and fits within Wikiversity policy. You are free to link to other webpages containing personal information about yourself, but remember to think of the potential consequences of doing so - and be especially careful when you are dealing with personal information of other people (see below). If you have any concerns about how other people might use your personal information then please don't share it or link to other websites containing your personal information. Using Wikiversity's standard userbox templates might be a "safer" way to share information without revealing personal information about yourself.

Everyone's privacy[edit]

Everybody has different tolerances for how much personal information they are prepared to make publicly known. Please do not include or link to other people's personal information without their express permission, regardless of whether or not the information is actually correct. This applies whether or not the person whose personal information is being revealed is a wiki editor. Even personal information where the person has given permission may be excluded if it does not relate to Wikiversity's mission in some reasonable way, does not fit within Wikiversity policy, or when not relevant to the educational goal of a learning project as determined by its contributors. This also includes files that incorporate either the image or voice of an individual, or the likeness of an individual.

Personal information[edit]

Whilst some people don't mind if you use their real name, many prefer to be addressed by their user name. Revealing personal information can have ramifications that may be upsetting for some people and might be considered uncivil or harassment. Personal information, including names, ages, and email address, used without permission will be removed by Custodians with revision deletion. If you add another person's personal information without permission you will be warned once. If you persist you will be blocked for 24 hours. Blocks lasting longer than 7 days will be discussed at Wikiversity:Community Review.

If your personal information is available on Wikiversity without your permission, you can request revision deletion or remove it yourself. Wikiversity participants are expected to respect your privacy.

Living people[edit]

Wikiversity is open to research projects, but Wikiversity research policy explicitly calls for high ethical standards. Part of research ethics is protecting the privacy of people who are the subject of your research.

You are accountable and responsible for what you write about living people. If a person feels their reputation was negatively affected by what you wrote about them, you could be liable. Anonymity does not protect against liability claims. The reputation you save by checking facts and claims about living people might be your own.

Please respect people's request to have personal information about themselves removed and people removing personal information about themselves. If people often request or remove personal information about themselves that you have added, a custodian may block you indefinitely to prevent you from using Wikiversity to violating people's privacy any further and to protect people from having their privacy violated at Wikiversity.

Respecting the privacy of living people is to be encouraged. If you condone or encourage other people to publish personal information without permission, you may be warned once to stop. If you persist, a custodian may block you indefinitely to prevent Wikiversity participants from following your lead.

Facts and claims about living people that do not cite a source may be subjected to tighter scrutiny. Participants can through consensus remove facts and claims about living people that are believed to be inaccurate. You can remove facts and claims about living people made by participants that have a history of adding facts and claims that are later removed or requested for removal by the living person, without discussing it first.

Private correspondence[edit]

Please do not post private off-wiki correspondence unless all parties involved approve what you are posting. If you publish private correspondences without all parties agreeing, you may be warned once to stop. If you persist, a custodian may block you indefinitely to prevent you from continuing to use Wikiversity to publish private correspondences without permission, and to protect everyone's privacy on Wikiversity.

All off-wiki correspondence are considered to be private, unless a permanent public record is automatically maintained by the system and anyone can publicly see that record at anytime without a person having had to share it first. Otherwise people have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Young contributors[edit]

Wikiversity will not host personal information of young contributors. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule of the Federal Trade Commission was created in response to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). COPPA was designed to regulate online collection of personal information about children.

If you are a young contributor, please do not share your name, age, location, address, or any other personal information about yourself with anyone. If you are under 18 years of age you will also need permission from a parent or guardian to upload audio, video, or images of yourself. Permission can be sent via emailing users found on the Support staff directory, through IRC private messaging of an custodian, or through contacting Wikiversity:OTRS. Custodians may remove and hide from view personal information of young contributors revealed without permission of a parent or guardian.

Contributors under the age of 18 should be cautioned not to reveal personal information.

Teachers of students under the age of 18 that intend to include information about their students, must ensure their student's privacy is protected.

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