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The MOOC interface (is currently redeveloped as a Mediawiki Extension) is a collection of JavaScript files, Templates, Lua Scripts and CSS files in order to create a modern user interface to host a MOOC. Two main goals that are achieved by the MOOC interface are:

  1. giving the learner a modern environment with the opportunity to directly ask questions about the content without the need to be familiar with the discussion system of MediaWiki
  2. giving content creators (professors, teachers,...) the chance to create a new class without the need to be experts on MediaWiki. Rather they should be able to follow a point and click experience

Check out the Web Science MOOC to see the MOOC interface in action. Currently the following features are supported.

  • interactive discussion system
  • multiple choice quizzes
  • inclusion of media
  • easy to use navigation
  • automatic generation of content pages from the course structure
  • on-page edits

Check out the list of feature requests or suggest a new feature.

teacher / content creator[edit source]

You want to start a new MOOC or first learn about the process of creating MOOCs. It might make sense for you to learn about the MOOC-Index if you want to create the course in a plain text file. You might also want to check out our Glossary of terms. If you are in the process of creating a MOOC and you run into problems you might want to check the FAQ.

learners[edit source]

If you are interested in taking one of the MOOCs check the list of all MOOCs that are hosted on Wikiversity.

community[edit source]

Wikiversity_talk:MOOC_Interface gives you an overview of the discussions to deploy the system to Mediawiki:Common.js and Mediawiki:Common.css. Users that have knowledge about the system are User:Sebschlicht, User:renepick and User:Dave_Braunschweig

developer[edit source]

As a developer you might want to read the getting started page. You could also have a look at the architecture or check out the files involved.

References[edit source]