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 This page is part of the MOOC interface documentation.

To get an idea of what the MOOC is and how it is organized you should consider to read the first section of the process of MOOC creation. You can browse the glossary for a complete list.

There are two types of files:

  1. files related to the MOOC interface
  2. files related to any MOOC

The second type of files clearly depends on the first category. For this reason you should not edit any of these files if you are not familiar with the impacts. Our architecture documentation shows how these files work together:

  • The Lua module that works with the MOOC's
  • index page holding the MOOC's structure and some content and fills the
  • templates, the
  • CSS file and JavaScript files that apply the layout and inject several UI elements such as on-page edit boxes and discussion. The JavaScript component makes heavy usage of the
  • MediaWiki API in order to asynchronously make changes to the index or an item's resource or a talk page.