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 This page is part of the MOOC interface documentation.

You can find questions and answers here if you run into problems using the MOOC interface.

Errors[edit source]

I get a script error when I visit any page of my MOOC[edit source]

Many things can cause a script error in the MOOC interface. Read the script error carefully. Most probably your MOOC index is broken, e.g. due to a manual edit. Browse to your MOOC index and try to undo the last edit. If that fixes the script error issue try to redo the changes using the MOOC interface rather than making a manual edit. Make sure you did not try to invoke the MOOC module on any page not related to the MOOC.

 Note: We are working on more helpful messages for known errors.

My console is full of warnings and errors, help![edit source]

The MOOC interface logs a lot of things to the JavaScript console of the browser. Most warnings and errors can be identified as 404 HTTP status codes indicating missing talk pages or similar minor issues. Some of them are no errors at all, but the normal case. If you run into a serious error, such as reference errors, please add it to our bug tracker.

Questions[edit source]

Can I transclude a MOOC page in another wiki page?[edit source]

No. The MOOC module uses the current page's title to identify the MOOC item that will be rendered. On a page not related to this MOOC it can not identify it.