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The content below is from Community Portal. This page is a main hub for all your needs. News, requests for help, how to help, links to help you learn and understand Wikiversity and its policies, and much more.

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Welcome to the Wikiversity Community Portal Area[edit source]

Are you new to Wikiversity? Visit our Introduction and Welcome pages where you will find information about Wikiversity.



Do you have questions, comments or suggestions about Wikiversity?
Custodian noticeboard
If you need to communicate with a Custodian; for example, regarding blocks and page protection.
IRC channels
#wikiversity-en Wikiversity IRC channel.
#wikimedia is for discussion of Wikimedia Foundation issues.
#wikimedia-tech is for discussion of technical issues relating to the Wikimedia servers.
#wikimedia-toolserver is for discussion of technical issues relating to the Toolserver.

Content organization
Policies and decisions
Username policy
Username guideline of what usernames are acceptable and unacceptable on Wikiversity; before registering please read this policy.
List of administrators and votes on adminship requests.

All policies and guidelines...
Help index
All help, project, maintenance, discussion, policy pages and further tutorials.

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