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For real-time chat with other Wikiversity users, in addition to live recent changes (find out more), several Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels are located on the freenode network (website). Multilingual chat takes place on the hub channel, #wikiversity.

IRC client software[edit source]

Web based versions[edit source]

For most IRC clients you will start with a window you can enter information type "/server" and hit enter, this will connect you. Then you can do "/join #wikiversity-en" and this will join you to the room (replace #wikiversity-en with the room name of your choice).

Freenode IRC Network[edit source]

Freenode hosts several Wikimedia channels including one for Wikiversity:

Please note: as of Jan. 1, 2018 the #wikiversity-en channel (and possibly other languages) now redirects to #wikiversity

Sister projects:

Important: It is a suggested Wikimedia meta-wiki guideline that meta:IRC channels prohibit the publishing of chat logs publicly. Wikiversity needs a policy for #wikiversity-en.

Software development:

Channel rules:

  • freenode's channel guidelines describe rules that every channel on their network must follow.
  • Wikimedia's channel guidelines describes rules that all wikimedia project channels should follow.

Wikimedia IRC channels[edit source]

For keeping track of recent changes, about 500 channels are available on These channels are "read only." (You can't actually "chat" there - they are only for reading broadcasts). see Recent changes channels for further details.

By resource[edit source]

Resource subjects may use irc channels to be shared within and outside of the Wikiversity community. It is the choice of the editors of any project if they want to add irc locations to resources. Freenode is suggested, since it is free and widely used by Wiki projects.

Netiquette[edit source]

Much has been said about how to behave in chatrooms. See Netiquette and IRC guidelines.

Who's Who?[edit source]

Add your name and notes below if you like:

  • CQ as "yeoman" on #wikiversity-en
  • Mu301 as "mikeu@wikimedia/Mu301" on #wikiversity and other freenode channels
  • wikiversilinky your friendly IRC bot
  • The Jade Knight as "JadeKnight" (or occasionally impersonating other users), on #wikiversity-en\
  • hughm as "hlm" on #wikiversity-en
  • Atcovi as "Atcovi, thestupidking (tsk), or M2NIK" on #wikiversity (general)

Meetings[edit source]

Meeting schedule - Internet Relay Colloquium, an attempt to see if holding IRC meetings on Wikiversity is feasible.

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