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SDG4: Quality Education - Learning Resouce supports the SDGs - UN-Guidelines[1]

The Science2Education describes a workflow from scientific results towards learning resources in Wikiversity. This approach transfers scientific results e.g. in the context of sustainable development into learning resources that help to introduce the results learning material in school, teachers training or in Bachelor courses at a University).

Learning Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • explore the learning resource about Water and describe the scientific objective or project that contributes to new knowledge in that area.
  • Furthermore explain: What would be impact on the content of the learning resource "Water" if you could provide evidence new scientific evidence in a peer-reviewed journal (Remark: focus on link between a new scientific result and the need to modify the learning resource, explain that specifically with the content elements in the learning resource about "Water".
  • Apply this workflow to the content of risk mitigation and risk management practice! (e.g. need to alter a learning module about Risk Literacy)
  • Explore the paper "Learning about learning in Wikiversity" by Cormac Lawler at Wikimania 2007[2] and link that concept to scientific publication in a general peer-reviewed journal of the educational impact after a reviewing process in a WikiJournal.
  • Explain the benefit of having the results of WikiJournal and the educational material in a single Wiki for Science and Education and conclude challenges and obstacles of such an approach (Neutral Point of View)!

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References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Lawler, C. (2007). Learning and learning about learning in Wikiversity. In Proceedings of Wikimania.