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When a risk mitigation is performed by a risk management infrastructure, the decision makers could encounter a problem that is not part of the repertoire of response options anymore. Fallback method is used instead to replace the preferred resource by alternatives that are now available. Main causes of fallback procedures:

  • financial and human resources are not available anymore,
  • access denied,
  • priority or strategy of organisation or institution changed,
  • ...

Learning Tasks

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  • (Individual Decision Making) Explore in your everyday life, when you plan with a fallback method. Explain when and why you plan for a fallback method or strategy?
  • (Fallback Risk Management) Why is this approach important for Risk Management? How does the implementation of fallback method the risk assessment?[1]
  • Apply Fallback strategies for water supply management during natural disasters?
  • (Open Source Software) Analyse the web portal Open Source Alternatives and explain why this portal is supporting a fallback concept for software applications.
  • (Open Educational Resources) An institution decides to stop the development and provision of educational resources due to missing financial or human resources. Now the resource stay unused in a silo. Explain why the availability of educational resources (e.g. in Wikiversity) are an fallback method for sustainable development of educational resources.
  • (Sustainable Development Goals) Apply the fallback method on different Sustainable Development Goals that match with your personla expertise and background knowledge.

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  1. Tjoa, S., Jakoubi, S., & Quirchmayr, G. (2008, March). Enhancing business impact analysis and risk assessment applying a risk-aware business process modeling and simulation methodology. In Availability, Reliability and Security, 2008. ARES 08. Third International Conference on (pp. 179-186). IEEE.