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Research proposal components might include a description of:

  1. Research topic
  2. Research purpose, consider scope and parameters
  3. Research question, gives focus and a specific goal
  4. Hypotheses, gives precision
  5. Research method, is about how
  6. Sampling, gathering a representative sample
  7. Data analysis, how hypotheses will be tested
  8. Research ethics, explain risks and benefits
  9. Timeline
  10. Costs

A research proposal might answer questions such as:

  1. What are your study parameters?
  2. When will you carry out the research?
  3. How long will data collection last?
  4. Who is your target population?
  5. What are your time and cost constraints?
  6. What research method will be used?

Obtaining critical appraisal about a research proposal is an important step in the research process and is vital to good scholarship. There are many potential research traps, for example, which can be prevented by first subjecting a research proposal to peer review.

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