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Stubs are Wikiversity resources with clear educational objectives and learning goals which require further development for participants to achieve learning outcomes. Stubs are valuable first steps towards mature resources. A great stub aims to create interest in the topic and helps others understand how they can assist with the educational objectives and learning goals. However, before beginning a new stub, consider whether you can integrate what you wish to do into an existing learning project, develop the resource within your userspace until participants can learn from it, or whether a carefully targeted redirect is a more appropriate option. Stubs which are difficult to develop further are likely to be deleted.

Desirable characteristics of a stub[edit source]

If you create a stubby resource, please include:

  • {{stub}} or a related template as found at Category:Stub templates,
  • Some associations with Wikiversity Schools and Portals,
  • At least one link to a relevant article at Wikipedia, book at Wikibooks, or an external source,
  • Some relevant categories,
  • At least one paragraph explaining concisely what objectives you hope to accomplish, and
  • At least one paragraph explaining concisely what knowledge or skills participants will hopefully gain

Examples of stubs[edit source]

  • Molecular Biology began as a page with only placeholder content sections. A page with a hierarchial structure encourages relevant edits such as these: [1].
  • Calculus pre-test contains general information organized to appeal to a broad audience. Note how this lead to a small discussion about how to develop the page further.

Other templates[edit source]

Other templates which mark pages as stubs are:

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