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This is the possible start of regular, open gatherings for teachers seeking professional development in developing independent, teaching practices - contemporary practices that engage with informal and networked learning.

Some examples include using Youtube, Wikipedia and Google in more sophisticated ways for teaching, learning and research. Others include consideration of the Melbourne Free University and open education generally.

The meeting is open to all faculties as well as anyone from outside La Trobe who is interested, including online. The first meeting will be next Wednesday, the 11th September from 1pm in room 6104 Albury Wodonga Campus La Trobe University, and via Hangouts Live. This will be a more hands on session with discussion time included. Please bring a laptop or similar.

The organising page that has been used to try and plan, promote and document this work is the Wikiversity page Professional Development for Teachers of Health Professionals - while this does suggest a focus on health, we think people outside this scope will gain and offer things as well.

Professional Development for Teachers of Health Professionals

On that page is a link to a few communication channels, with more options to follow.

Please forward on to anyone in your networks who might be interested.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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