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An introduction to the open conference on Blended Learning and Online Teaching, including the Teachers of Health Professionals website. Copy on Youtube and
A short video introducing Blended Learning, by Frederic Skrzypek Copy on Youtube, copy on

BLOT was an open conference around ideas, methods, issues, positions and projects, with people willing to offer their perspectives in themed panel discussions relating to blended learning and/or online teaching.

On 1 November 2013 we hosted three panel discussions at La Trobe University's Faculty of Health Sciences and regional campuses. The discussions will be broadcast via the Teachers of Health Professionals page, and recordings and notes were made available on Wikiversity. In the lead up we collecting short texts and video recorded interviews with panellists.

To enable us to widely distribute contributions, we've ensured that contributions have all the necessary rights to publish with a Creative Commons Attribution or Share Alike copyright license.

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