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This page is for comments/discussion on the front page of the curriculum (as a whole). The "Curriculum" here is a framework upon which a specific curriculum for a particular school/institution may be based. Some of the learning resources may be useful with a little modification.

Structure of the Curriculum[edit source]

The syllabus began as a step by step walk through a proposed process (community based learning) for a set of learners in an institution in South Africa. Ideally, it should be more generic and in a form which is easy to customise for different situations.

Consider structuring it for self-learners - "becoming a social entrepreneur". K 17:20, 3 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

Approach[edit source]

Variation on Community based learning but activities and resources may be provided with other approaches. Social Entrepreneurship is not the same as Community based learning.

Proposed New Modules[edit source]

  • Facilitating and Catalysing Change
    This could be about organisational development and change management in a "developing" context.

Template for Social Entrepreneurship Learning Resources[edit source]

Would it help to have a template or a consistent way of presenting each section. For now we could try:

  • Anticipated Learning Outcomes
  • Activities
  • Relevant Tools and Other Resources
  • Outputs
See Discussion on draft template
We could also design a template (or a collection of templates) for learners to start with for their reporting. What could this look like?


See Also[edit source]

Discussions of Interest at Lower Levels[edit source]