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for student social entrepreneurship

Type classification: this resource is a course.
Completion status: this resource is a stub, so not much has been done yet.
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Where are we going with this?

Students of Social Entrepreneurship need to come up with ideas for projects.

How do we (educators and students) e/valuate these ideas?

Some of the Ideas will be taken further becoming projects or larger scale initiatives with multiple projects.

How do we (educators, students, beneficiaries, funders and other stakeholders) valuate these?

How do we assess the impact of a social entrepreneurship initiative with a large portfolio of projects?

What questions should we be asking to resolve this issue?

This module is about valuation capacity building.

See discussion.


Recommended preparation

The best way to learn about valuation is to be part of a valuation exercise. However, it might help to have some idea in advance.

  • Find some existing valuation/evaluation case studies, and
  • Read up on the field of valuation/evaluation, including:
    • Evaluating action learning
    • Appreciative valuation
    • Associations concerned with Evaluation.
    • etc.


Growth Opportunities

Include ...

With knowledge of e/valuation you will be able to

  • Apply your understanding of the terms valuation and evaluation in any situation
  • Make a conscious choice about which perspective is most applicable at which points in your projects
  • Participate meaningfully in evaluation processes:
    • Assessing ideas
    • Contribute to designing, monitoring and evaluating projects from concept through planning and implementation to conclusion and impact.
  • Inspire enthusiastic participation in evaluation as a growth opportunity for all involved.



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