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As an educator, you probably have lots of students/learners to guide, and most likely have to use the systems of your institution.

Use these wiki resources as an additional means of enhancing your education praxis and introducing your learners to commons-based peer production and Open Educational Resources.

To do this well requires the ability to edit the resources here, so you can improve them and be able to create special pages for your own students.

To learn how to edit wiki pages etc. see See How to get involved.

For special pages for your own students, we recommend creating sub-pages under the Community pages - e.g. browse to the relevant community page using the navigation template (see Navigation); on the Community page, click on 'edit this page' and create a link like this:

[[/My Institution Name/|My Institution Name]]

This will create a link to a sub-page of the Community page which you can edit and add instructions for your students and areas for them to share resources (e.g. links to pages they have created, etc..