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Begin with the end in mind

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Some of these resources could be made available or referred to earlier. Perhaps categorise them in a way which makes that easier ? Kim 10:57, 15 August 2008 (UTC)Reply

Instead of "Business Plan" as Final Output

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One or more of the following which will result in the learners continuously developing this curriculum:

Profile of a Social Entrepreneur

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The student could write a profile of a social entrepreneur whom the student found particularly inspiring. Ideally this should be a new profile, but it could also be a new perspective on someone who has been profiled previously.

Personal Learning Journal

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The student's blog, wiki page(s), and/or other resources capturing the student's on-going learning process and key insights.

Case Study

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This could be student's own case study, possibly building on previous work and/or extending an existing case study. Remember that case studies refer to mature initiatives which have either completed their life cycle or are already making an impact.