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Welcome to open study of psychology.
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29 August 2010

The cohort for 2010 is just starting this course. With over forty members, it promises to be a very active course. All the participants have E-portfolios which constitutes 30% of their assessment.

This course has strong links to the University of Canberra and is convened by James Neill, a member of staff there.

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To-do list for Psychology
  • Clearly delineate and differentiate the different namespaces used for psychology content.
  • Find contributors to create psychology content
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  • Remove that silly looking mug from the colloquium here, or somehow attempt to improve its ridiculous look
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  • 23 June: The Wikimedia Education Greenhouse supports education program leaders.
  • 23 June: Rainwater harvesting is being updated with new content and organization.
  • 10 June: A biology class from Oregon Coast Community College is using Wikiversity to collaboratively study Mazama Newt Conservation.
  • 10 June: IT Fundamentals, a featured resource, has been updated to match the CompTIA FC0-U61 certification exam.
  • 7 June: Volume 3 of the WikiJournal of Humanities was released with an article on the Author of the Kitāb al-Aghānī.
  • 1 June: The learning project on Social Victorians provides an extensive introduction to the social events in London toward the end of the reign of Queen Victoria.
  • 29 March: Volume 7 of the WikiJournal of Medicine was released with two new articles on estimating total body surface area burned and Epidemiology of the Hepatitis D virus.
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