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Marine engineering
The wake after the ferry to Fanø, Denmark

Ocean Engineering encompasses the breadth of engineering sciences applied to the design, development, construction, operation and planning of systems that operate in an oceanic environment. Here, you can learn about the following kinds of systems:

  • Naval Architecture is that subdivision of ocean engineering which specializes in the design of ships and other sea-going vessels.
  • Marine Engineering is the speciality concerned with MORE THAN the operation and maintainance of equipment on seagoing vessels.
  • Coastal Engineering is the subset of ocean engineering which specializes in coastal protection and erosion control, dredging and dredged material disposal.
  • Offshore Engineering is practiced by the engineer whose speciality is the deep-sea zone beyond the coastal shores.

All of these systems draw on a basic understanding of the ocean environment and basic mechanical principles of operating in such an environment. A beginner should develop an understanding of these general principles before undertaking the specialized courses.


This is a list of all courses offered in the department, organized by area.


To effectively practice as an ocean engineer, the following subjects must be well understood before attempting to learn the principles of the applied disciplines herein:


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